Hello Mercator World, WMTS Edition!

All OGC WMTS tiles from map.geo.admin.ch are available in Webmercator projection! Yes, this really means you can now use the swiss national maps and all GeoAdmin API layers in your favorite library without reprojection1! Beside the LV03 (EPSG:21781), the following WMTS tilematrix sets are offered:

The same condition apply to the native tiles: you have to register within swisstopo web access - WMTS to gain access to these services.

Note: These tiles are reprojected on-the-fly with MapProxy, so be nice not destroying the servers by requesting too many tiles.

See WMTS: other projections in the GeoAdmin API for details.

Web Client

Unpolished examples to tests the compatiblity with popular JS web-mapping libraries.

Openlayers 2

Very few web mapping frameworks are able to parse the GetCapabilities document and configure a new layer with it. The old Openlayers 2 is one of them.

Leaflet example

Pixelmap overlay on OSM with Leafletjs, to check the alignment of tiles

Openlayers 3

Choosing from all available layers. These are exactly the same list as the available layers in the map.geo.admin.ch API.

Openlayers 3

An another Openlayers 3 example, with OSM OpenSnowMap.org, again to check the WMTS tiles alignement.

ArcGIS for JS (ESRI)

Configuring a layer with the GetCapabilities with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Bing Map (Microsoft)

Bing Map example with the Bing Maps

Google Map

Probably the only one that matters :-(

Яндекс API Карт

Small yandex demo base on API Карт

Desktop client

Also work in Desktop Client QGis 2+ and ESRI ArcGIS2 10.2+

1 Without reprojecting yourself
2 With a big limitation, as you cannot specify the name of a valid referer in you requests.